The Personal Handbag Liner Service


Simply post your lovely handbag to us and we will create a liner for you in one of our 14 beautiful colours and post both handbag & liner back to you!

We’ll take the guess work out of measuring yourself ….. so what are you waiting for ?

We kindly ask that you fill in the form below.

Our Angels will be in contact via email shortly after!  We will discuss a time frame that suits us both, as well as the costs and the liner details; all via email.

Our aim is to post your handbag and beautiful bespoke liner back to you the very same day we receive it !  Any unexpected delay will be discussed at the time of arrival.

The Ins & Outs…

We ask that you post your handbag to us using a fully tracked delivery service and it must be insured to its current value.  Once we receive your handbag at our office we will acknowledge receipt, measure, design and create a fabulous new liner for your precious handbag!  Once completed, we will lovingly package your handbag & liner and return it to you via a fully tracked and insured method!

It really is that easy! 

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